Tuesday, March 1

I have moved to blackbow.se

Me and my blog has moved and I really hope you will follow me to my new place at blackbow.se

I have started to design jewelry, so in my new blog you can follow my work and also get loads of inspiration!

See you there :-)

Friday, January 28

♥ Ian Mcarthur


♥ Mitchell and Dent

I like this cute little notebook from Mitchell and Dent

Monday, January 24

♥ TheatreCloud

Love this, amazing idea!
AND for your information - I'm up to making a new blog, where there will be more of my own artwork as well! I will also start making (hopefully amazing) t-shirtprints for you to buy :) I just need to decide a name for the blog (wich is not the easiest...) and then it will be up and running! I hope you will follow me there then :)

Thursday, January 6

Monday, January 3

♥ Trendy Fashion Illustrators

I would like to have this book, you can buy it here.

♥ Myltan

Gorgeus fashion portraits from this Swedish girl!

Friday, December 31

♥ Joey, LEUNG Ka-yin


Love this! Beautiful linework, and amazing colours. I found her drawings at this clothingshop koshka.asia, take a look!

Saturday, December 25

♥ Mel Kadel